Sirius ULTIME 35/18RLLT

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Sirius® ULTIME tattoo needles Sirius® ULTIME needles are the next step in the process of improving Sirius® Tattoo Equipment needles. The combination of many years of experience of the creators with the experience of the best European Artists has resulted in the creation of the most advanced tattoo needles available in Europe. Sirius® ULTIME classic needles are the answer to the constant raising of the bar by the most demanding tattoo artists. The multi-stage quality control process and the highest quality materials guarantee that every needle delivered to you will be perfect. Sirius® ULTIME are the highest quality needles in the "premium" class. Sharp and hard The production uses the highest class, perfectly soldered blades made of surgical steel, distinguished by their extraordinary hardness and sharpness. Perfect soldering The blades are perfectly soldered to the wires, which ensures that the needles will not be damaged during work and will work perfectly in every beak and neck.  Convenient packaging One blister contains five sterile needles separately packed and a carefully made perforation between them ensures easy separation preventing accidental unsealing. Specification Round Liner - round needles, tightly soldered, to the contour.  Blade length, 5.5 mm. Detailed description, expiry date on each blister. EO gas sterilization. Individual needle sterilization test (turns blue after sterilization). Extremely polished - smoothness and sharpness. They provide less skin injuries and faster healing.