Starterkit Pen

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A tattoo kit with a pen type machine, essentials and accessories.

Included in the kit:

  • Pen type machine
  • DC type machine cord
  • Hurricane HP-2 power supply
  • Metal footswitch
  • Assortment of different type and size cartridge needles
  • A smaller assortment of expired needles only to be used on practice skins (Expiration dates marked on the packaging of every needle)
  • 2x practice skin 14x26
  • 1x practice skin 17x27
  • 90x ink cups, 3 different sizes
  • Sunskin Liner Black 30ml
  • 5x ink shot 2ml
  • Memory foam grip cover, increases the size of the grip while reducing vibrations coming from the machine
  • 2x micropore tape
  • Rubber gloves
  • Plastic wrapper roll 285m, for dressing the fresh tattoo and covering required equipment in a protective layer
  • Protective bags for the machine
  • Disinfection spray 150ml
  • Foam soap 250ml
  • Silver Finish 100ml, for use before dressing the fresh tattoo
  • Tattoo Eazer processing butter 200ml, used as an alternative for vaseline
  • 14x stencil paper sheets
  • Spirit Stencil transfer cream 30ml
  • Carry bag