Starterkit Pen

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  • Product Code: Kit-PenT
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Tattoo kit with a rotary pen machine and a wide variety of supplies and accessories.

Color selection is only for the EZ pen machine

Kit includes:

  • Biomaser CTG rotary pen machine with a cable
  • Hurricane HP-2 power supply
  • EZ footswitch
  • Cartridge needles in variable sizes (50pcs)
  • Sunskin 30ml Tribal Black
  • Mom's Millenium 2ml black, green, yellow, brown, cherry red
  • Ink caps in variable sizes
  • Small plastic cups
  • Stencil sheets (15pcs)
  • Spirit Stencil Transfer Cream 30ml
  • Tattoo Eazer Foam Soap 250ml
  • Tattoo Eazer Jelly 500g
  • Tattoo Eazer Processing Butter 50ml
  • Disinfectant spray 150ml for use on skin and surfaces
  • Tattoo Eazer Silver Healing 250ml
  • Plastic wrapper roll 300m
  • Cable protective sleeve roll 285m
  • Gloves
  • 2x micropore tapes
  • 3x practice skins
  • Sleeve bag 35cm