Starterkit Coil

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A tattoo kit with two coil machines and accessories

Included in the kit:

  • Coil machine fitted with a liner spring
  • Coil machine fitted with a shader spring 
  • 2x hex keys
  • Clipcord cable
  • Pulsar Cubo V2 power supply (NB! Footswitch is not included in this kit, but the power supply comes equipped with a footswitch emulation switch)
  • 50x selection of traditional tattoo needles in variable sizes with disposable grips in corresponding sizes
  • Wide rubber bands for stabilising needle movement
  • Armature bar rubbers
  • 3x small practice skins
  • Stencil sheets
  • 100ml stencil transfer fluid
  • 100ml cleaning agent
  • 250ml soap bottle
  • Plastic bottle protective covers
  • 30ml Sunskin Tribal Black ink
  • Ink caps in 3 sizes
  • 50ml Tattoo Eazer Processing Butter (Can be used as aftercare ointment or an alternative to vaseline)
  • Second skin film