Handpoke tattoo kit 2

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A complete set containing high quality products for handpoke tattooing. Compared to the first handpoke kit, this one has a more definitive selection of tools and accessories.

1. Handpoke tool, which acts as a grip and holder for the needle.
2. Ten sterile needles -5xRL and 5xRS.
3. Wire cutter for cutting off the hoop end of a needle.
4. Black Ink. (NB! since 04. January 2022 this ink is meant for practice purposes on fake skin only.)
5. Silicone cups for ink.
6. Dettol - liquid for transferring patterns, 50 ml.
7. Two stencil paper sheets.
8. Tattoo Eazer Finish, a specialized agent used right after finishing tattooing, that helps mitigate ink migration out of the skin, 5 ml.
9. Non-woven cloth which does not irritate the skin.
10. Black, nitrile gloves 6 pcs.
11. Tattoo Eazer Protective Film - dressing accelerating healing.
12. Liquid for skin disinfection, 100 ml.