Power Supplies

Critical Atom X

Critical Tattoo Supply

Critical Atom X

284.41€ Ex Tax: 237.01€


Power Supply LCD

Power Supply LCD

25.55€ Ex Tax: 21.29€

Power supply in a steel casing, with a stable analog transformer and precise LCD display...

Pulsar Cubo V2 Pulsar Cubo V2


Pulsar Cubo V2

70.80€ Ex Tax: 59.00€

Specification: Large, accurate-gradulated adjustment knob. The power supply also has a manual switch that controls the machine on / off. Readable digital display. Four non-slip feet at the bottom. Technical data: Length: 13cm Width: 10cm Height: 10.5cm Voltage: 1 - 18..

Wireless Power Supply ETS Wireless Power Supply ETS

Wireless Power Supply ETS

82.68€ Ex Tax: 68.90€

This power supply is used by directly mounting it onto the machine via an RCA connection. A perfect tool for traveling artists or people who otherwise feel restricted by cables during working sessions. The power supply is charged with a micro usb cable (recommended to use usb 2.0 or above) which is ..

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