Critical Atom X

  • 335.00€
  • Ex Tax: 279.17€

Incredible power, combined with thoroughly thought-out design and the latest, innovative techniques, is more in this small tattoo power supply than you can imagine.
This tattoo power supply changes its color depending on the voltage and shines brightly and powerfully in these neon colors. In contrast to its predecessor, the ATOM, the ATOM X even lights up the display.
It has easy-to-use touch buttons and a digital display of output voltage.
Thanks to the strong magnetic underside, the power supply unit also sticks to roll containers or steel cabinets, for example. No matter where you want to tattoo, the Atom X is a faithful, efficient and durable companion.


  • Color: Pink
  • Housing made of anodized aluminum
  • Easy handling due to touchscreen
  • Jump-Start function for heavy-duty  Tattoo Machine s
  • No footspedal required - override function
  • Duration or single operation of the footswitch
  • Settings remain stored even if it i staken from the power
  • Integrated short-circuit protection
  • Compatible with coil and rotary machines
  • Integrated magnets for firm hold
  • Inputs for 6.3 mm jack - clipcord and footswitch
  • 6 Amps Power-Up peak current - 3 Amps permanent current
  • Precision-controlled setting 0 - 17 V DC
  • 2 Volt presets
  • 0.1 V intervals
  • Color indicates current voltage
  • Universal input 110 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Made in USA