Inked Army Bamboo Hygiene Wipes 20x25cm 100pcs

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With BAMBOO Skin Cleaning Wipes not only any kind of impurities during tattoo, permanent make up or semi-permanent make up sessions will be removed easily.
Skin healing is supported simultaneously due to bacteriostatic features provided by the bamboo fibre spunlace.

Studies on the medicinal properties of bamboo leaves have shown antioxidant, anticancer and antibiotic properties. These findings indicate that the extracts of bamboo shoot skins as well as its active compounds in the skins are potentially useful as antibacterial materials.

Compared to wood, bamboo grows much faster and can be harvested after only 3-5 years. As a result, more paper can be produced from the same amount of land and important forests can be preserved.


Comfortable - Soft and smooth on the skin
Protective - Thermal regulating and odor resistant
Organic - Naturally grown without pesticides or artificial fertilizers
Ecological - Fully biodegradable and eco-friendly
Content: 100 pcs
Dimensions: 20 x 25 cm
Material: 100% Bamboo fiber
100% Plastic free packing - Biogradable and recycable