Inked Army Oxxolon Needle Cleaner 1000ml

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  • Brand: Inked Army
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NB! The product is designed to make it easier to remove ink and other debris from needles, grips and tips in a situation that requires it urgently.

Oxxolon has dirty tattoo needles, grips and tips as things of the past.
A small amount of cleaner in the cup removes ink from them easily.

Needles last longer with the help of an environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitor. In addition, it helps prevent bright colors from bleeding.

Put Oxxolon in a cup of water. (Mixing ratio 1: 5) Wash the needle in a cup of water and dry with a paper towel. Just dipping the needle should already get the ink loose.
For increased effectiveness, the concentrate can also be used in a paint cup without water. After that, the needle should be washed with clean water.


Longer lasting needles
Prevents color bleeding
Dissolves tattoo ink quickly and completely from the needle
Readily biodegradable