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Perfect tattoo picture without editing!

SNIPER takes a perfect picture or video of the tattoo, without redness and gloss and with perfect contrast. To achieve this, a polarized filter is used in front of the LED light attached to the phone holder, and a polarized filter attached to the front of the phone's camera. Very high build quality. CNC aluminum parts. Changeable color temperature. Info Display

With Sniper you can take perfect photos of your tattoos in no time at all - without any post-processing.
Just unpack, assemble and you can start snapping your tattoos.

In principle, Sniper is compatible with all smartphones, but they should be equipped with a high-quality camera. Sniper only provides you with the perfect conditions for a tattoo photo, the photo itself is only as perfect as the smartphone camera allows it to be.
If you are not satisfied with the image quality, try to take a photo of the tattoos with another, higher quality smartphone.

No matter if Realistic, Black and Grey, Oldschool or Neotraditional - Sniper is the perfect solution to photograph tattoo styles of all kinds:

  • Without shine and reflections
  • Without redness
  • With maximum contrast

To find the perfect light, you need to adjust the settings to the environment. In a room with cold ambient colors, we recommend setting the light to 25-40% intensity and a temperature of 3500-4500K.
In a dark room with warm colors, you will get better results with higher intensities of light and colder temperatures.

The best tattoo shots you get with as little direct light as possible, in front of neutral dark background. Of course, it is also important what effect you want to give the photo, so that it is just as individual as the tattoo itself.

Sniper attaches great importance to quality and durability of the products. All supporting parts are made of high quality aluminum and guarantee the perfect balance between durability and handling.
The LED light consists of the following parts, which are assembled one by one.

1. The phone clip with sturdy frame and spring mechanism is clamped over the smartphone camera after the lens is inserted. The lens is held by magnetic mechanism, so it is convenient to move 360 degrees. The polarization of the lens is perfectly matched with the LED light

2.Adjustable mount for smartphones (also suitable for cameras) is screwed together with the articulating head, so that the light can be perfectly adjusted to any position of the camera. With specially shaped adjustment handle, the shooting angle can be conveniently adjusted and locked. Then the complete phone holder is connected to the light.

3. LED panelö display has a total of 96 adjustable LEDs. The brightness as well as the temperature of the light can be adjusted directly. With magnetic filtration, soft light with wide angle is guaranteed to illuminate the tattoo photo completely.

4. The LED panel is screwed to the ergonomically designed handle for optimal use. Thanks to the adjustment handle, the tilt angle can also be conveniently adjusted and locked.
Especially for mounting on a tripod, the handle is designed with a 1/4 thread.

5.Last but not least, clamp the camera phone into the mount with the phone clip, make environment settings and take unique tattoo photos.


  • Color: Black
  • Material of all supporting parts: high quality aluminum
  • Weight: 531 g
  • Dimensions (W x H): 12.7 cm x 29 cm
  • Compatible with all smartphones (requirement: high quality camera)
  • Perfect solution to photograph tattoo styles of all kinds: Without shine, reflections, redness
  • Maximum contrast
  • Without post processing
  • Digital display of settings, usage time and battery level
  • Charging via USB-C charging cable
  • Operating time up to 12 hours (depending on light intensity)
  • Battery: 2800mAh / Input: 5 V - 1 A
  • LED panel: 96 LEDs
  • LED Power (adjustable): 25% - 100%
  • Color Temperature (adjustable): 3000K - 6500K
  • Tripod connection: ¼ thread

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x LED light with removable magnetic filtration.
  • 1x Handle
  • 1x Phoneclip with removable lens (magnetic mechanism)
  • 1x Swivel head with locking screw
  • 1x Adjustable phone holder
  • 1x USB-C charging cable
  • 1x Storage case