Equaliser Fredator with a detachable battery

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‘This time we're joining forces to bring out a light, precise and reliable machine. I have chosen its parameters myself to fit the way I work and complement my unique style.’ – Fred Wayne Thomas.

A legendary machine in a new look - Innovations in Fredator

Proton for many years of presence on the market has gained the name of a cult machine, working with FRED we decided to refresh its design. We redesigned the grip, shortened the machine by 10 mm, which allowed even better distribution of its weight and will allow even better handling of the machine during operation. The RCA connector on the Fredator is in a protective housing. The Equaliser logo has been milled into the aluminum housing, and all the changes are crowned by a new light ring that activates when the machine is turned on. 

The anti-roll system, or unique protuberances on the machine's housing, is a protection against accidental falls. Now the machine will not roll on the table and will always stay in the place where you put it.  

Positive changes have also taken place inside. The machine's gearbox has been redesigned, which has reduced the vibrations created during operation, and new software has significantly increased the smoothness of the motor. As a result, tattooing with the Fredator is much more pleasant and less tiring. 

Comfort and precision of work - the hallmark of Equaliser machines

We haven't forgotten about your working comfort either. The grip has been specially redesigned to maximize the ergonomics of your grip. This will help you avoid hand fatigue during long sessions and make it even easier to attach the grip cover tape. 

Our machine focuses on even more freedom and comfort. Included with the machine you get a specially designed wireless rechargeable battery. This is ideal for those who: 

- Don't want limitations: With a wireless battery, you can move freely in your workspace without worrying about tangled cables. 

- They care about the aesthetics of the workspace: The absence of cables means not only comfort, but also aesthetics and order at the workstation. 

- They value durability and reliability: The rechargeable battery guarantees many hours of use on a single charge. Thanks to advanced technology, it also provides fast charging times, so you're always ready to go.


Battery Specifications:

- Capacity: 2000mAh 

- working time: up to 5 hours 

- charging time: 2.5 hours 

- dimensions: 67mm x 30mm x 23mm 

- weight: 65g 

- Built-in Jump Start 

- adjustable voltage in 0.1V increments from 5-12V 

- USB charging cable included