Microbeau Spektra Xion S Gunmetal (Used)

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Very well kept. Used for half a year. Comes with original packaging, feature introduction pamphlet, 3 cams sized 1.8mm, 2.5mm and 3.7mm, hex keys for changing cams and an RCA cable.

The Spektra Xion S is the Permanent Make-Up version of the Spektra Xion. It has been developed and tested in cooperation with permanent make-up artists. Compared to the Xion, it has a smaller grip and a shorter stroke length (1.8 or 2.5mm). The smaller grip has a comfortable and ergonomic design and is more suited for how PMU artists are used to work. In addition, it is compatible with all tattoo cartridges and is easy to cover and handle. The short stroke length is optimal for the smaller needles and higher speeds, which are commonly used for PMU.

The powerful 6 Watt MotorBolt has been specifically designed for Spektra and ensures optimal performance of your cartridges by providing maximum torque throughout the session. The RCA connection is concealed within the MotorBolt for extra reliability. The Xion S features adjustable stroke length, needle depth and give (softness), so it can be exactly set up to suit your preferences and needs. The Xion S gives you complete control over your machine and is therefore suitable for a wide range of permanent make-up styles.

Key Features:

  • Colour: Gunmetal
  • Adjustable give dial (up to 2mm): Simply turn the dial to adjust.
  • Adjustable needle depth thanks to the click grip on the Xion S.
  • Adjustable stroke length - 2.5mm and 1.8mm stroke wheels included.
  • Ergonomic profile, making it easy to handle and cover.
  • Specially designed 6 Watt MotorBolt.
  • Concealed RCA connection.
  • Autoclavable tapered grip.
  • Compatible with all standard sized tattoo cartridge needles.